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Dominion Equine Welfare is dedicated to finding solutions for at-risk equines through innovative ideas and actions, as well as sharing information based on the our experience with horse rescues, veterinary medicine and best practices of the equine community.





Virginia Statutes

Here are three (Article 2-3.2-6503.- 3.2-6503.1- 3.2-6500) to show how differently companion animals care requirements are from agricultural animals (livestock).

3.2-6503. Care of companion animals by owner.

  1. Adequate feed
  2. Adequate water
  3. Adequate shelter that is properly cleaned
  4. Adequate space in the primary enclosure
  5. Adequate exercise
  6. Adequate care, treatment and transportation
  7. Adequate veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering or disease transmission

3.2-6503.1 Care of agricultural animals by owner

  1. Feed to prevent malnourishment
  2. Water to prevent dehydration
  3. Veterinary treatment as needed to address impairment of health or bodily function when such impairment cannot be otherwise addressed through animal husbandry, including humane destruction

3.2-6500. Definitions

  1. ”Adequate care” means the responsible practice of good animal husbandry, handling, production, management, confinement, feeding, watering, protection, shelter, transportation, treatment and when necessary euthanasia, appropriate for the age, species, condition, size and type of animal and the provision of veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering or impairment of health.
  2. 2. “Adequate feed” means access to and the provision of food that is of sufficient quantity and nutritive value to maintain each animal in good health; is accessible to each animal; is prepared so as to permit ease of consumption for the age, species, condition, size and type of each animal; is provided in a clean and sanitary manner; is placed so as to minimize contamination by excrement and pests; and is provided at suitable intervals for the species, age and condition of the animal; but at least once daily.

Visit https://animallaw.info/statute/va-cruelty-consolidated-cruelty-statute for the complete rundown on animal laws in Virginia.

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