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Dominion Equine Welfare is dedicated to finding solutions for at-risk equines through innovative ideas and actions, as well as sharing information based on the our experience with horse rescues, veterinary medicine and best practices of the equine community.





Hay & Feed Bank Information

Hay & Feed Bank Information

Two horses eating hay outdoorsHay & feed banks are an effective means of providing short term assistance to equine owners who are experiencing financial challenges to providing sufficient, good quality hay and feed for their equine.

Dominion Equine Welfare believes that if we can help bridge a short-term hardship, allowing equines to stay in their homes and not enter the auction pipeline or rescues, it is a win-win for all involved.

Dominion EquiHelp TM, a program of Dominion Equine Welfare, provides temporary hay and/or feed assistance to horses in need.

If you, your business, or organization is interested in donating to Dominion EquiHelp TM, please complete and return the donation form.

If an online donation via PayPal is preferred, please designate the donation for “Dominion EquiHelp” so your donation can be properly directed.

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